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Sometimes the best introduction is words from others.

If you’re an up and coming artist from Los Angeles there’s a pretty good chance you’ve either heard of, or even visited a little known place called “The Red Room”. Nestled away in the Hawthorne and Gardena area of the city, this place has been a hub for quite possibly thousands of artists that have walked through it’s doors to create countless hours worth of music at an affordable price. Founded in 2012 by Anthony Scott (or “Scott” as many call him), Red Room Studios has been a hidden gem for artists in and around South L.A. to create and record their music with impeccable quality in a great atmosphere throughout the years. Recording Studio business is no walk in the park for anyone (especially in L.A.) but Red Room Studios has stood tall regardless of it’s competitors and remained a primary choice for recording needs among artists from all over the region and beyond. Boasting a very impressive and growing client list of independent and aspiring artists, Red Room has also hosted a list of celebrity clients as well and shows no signs of stopping as the demand for this facility appears to grow by the day. Formerly located in Gardena, Scott recently relocated Red Room Studios to a larger facility in nearby Hawthorne just minutes from the previous location and crafted inch by inch one hell of an impressive establishment (watch video below) that is sure to inspire any talent who walks through the crimson red colored hallways graced with incredible accolades of platinum and gold plaques from some of the biggest names in music. So if you’re an artist in L.A. or soon to be visiting, we strongly recommend you check this place out and see for yourself.
              • Courtesy of H.E.R. High End Radio
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